I love to sleep in the Tent, always wanted to be independently
(and just if it is unavoidable to sleep inside a hostel or a guesthouse)
and so i decide to take following things with me:

My Tent

Since 2008 i´m accompanied by a Tent from the british Tentmakers Terra Nova, the Laser Large 2. A well made and considered Tunnel-Construction for 2 Persons with an unbeatable Weight of 1,8kg.

For this Journey i invested in the bigger Brother of the LL2 the Laser Large 3. Same Tent, Same Construction, just with a bigger Apside so there is more Space for the Luggage when Rain or Storm keeps me in the Tent for a longer Time.

Despite the Tunnel-Construction that force me to Nail the Tent to the Ground, there were always two fix points to pitch the tent up on sealed grounds...The Ventilation is a simple but Wellworking construction. For this Longtimetrip i take a groundsheet with me to protect the Tent from Perforations and make it last longer in the daily use.

My Bed
Established Stuff inside the Tent
  • My Therma-Rest Matratze Prolite 3
  • My Downsleepingbag from the Nepali Outfitter Alpine-Designs.. thick and warm!!
  • My Pute... an air filled Pillow from Ajungilak... never without!
  • an additional Silk-Sleepingbag

My journey will lead me through different climate zones, so i have to be prepared for almost everything

For the Journey to Teheran the Silk-Bag and the Downbag as a blanket will be enough.. If it gets colder (under 0°C) i can close the Sleepingbag or use the silk inlet additionally with clothes...
My sleep will also be warm and comfortly in the Mountains of Centralasia...

Update after 12.000 KM

i had to replace a few things so this is the Gear i use in this Moment:

The Tent:

Hilleberg Nallo 2GT
i had to give away my Terra-Nova Tent for a Repair so i decided to replace it with one from the Leader: HilLLEBERG.
during the first Pitching i felt that this Company does nothing else than Tents for Decades… Everything is made with Love for the Details…

Hope it will last the Rest of my Trip….

My Bed:

  • My Thema-Rest Matress Pro Lite Regular (was replaced in Czech Republic and should last to the End)
  • My Down-Sleepingbag Western Mountaineering Apache (my Alpine-Design-Sack lost a lot of Power during the Summer and after the first cold Nights in the Fall i decided to get a better one…)
  • My Therm-a-Rest Downpillow (after my „Pute“ get weak in Czech Republic i decided to replace it with the Mattress)

These Combination worked well in the Mountains of Eastern-Anatolia and hopefully do the same in Centralasia…

update after 31000 KM
After the Zippers of my Hilleberg also quit their Job Globetrotter, the company in Germany where i bought it, decided to replace the Tent. I decided to change the Model and so i am traveling now with Staika from Hilleberg. Different Tent, but feels quite comfortable the first nights…

My Bed:

  • My Thema-Rest Matress Pro Lite Large (was replaced again in Uzbekistan and the USA by Therm-a-rest and hopefully should last to the End)
  • My Down-Sleepingbag Mountain Hardwear Phantom (sleeping every night in a down sack reduces the warmth drastically. So I decided to upgrade again in Alaska. This time until 0F/-18C)