To be on the Road also means to be independently

Therefor i have composed a simple but effective Kitchenset.
So i can cook my food and always have enough drinking water

These are the Parts:

For Cooking

Edelrid Hexon Multifuel Cooker
Primus Fuel-Bottle for 95/98 Octane Fuel 1,0l
Edelrid Spare-Fuel-Bottle for 95/98 Octane Fuel 0,33l
Windprotector foldable from Edelrid

Set of Pans Optimus Terra with 2 Pans and a fry-pan usable as top packed in a Neoprenpack that keeps everything warm...

different Bottles and Cans for the Transport of Food and Spices
a wooden Spatula
a Spoon

The Set of Pans is well approved and the Neoprene does work really well. The negative Point is that the Fry Pan is totally dented from it´s outside Position. ... Inside the Pans you can pack little Things, so no space will be wasted.

The Cooker is the newer Version of the Markill Phoenix (Edelrid took over Markig a few years ago), the old one was better constructed from the Stand but the inner Heart of the Cooker kept the same...

To Drink

Katadyn Waterfilter Pocket
MSR Transportpouch 2x 6L
One 1,5L PET-Bottle to carry in the Frame
One 0,8L Bidon to carry in the Frame
1 Thermos-Bottle 1L
Coffeemuf from Metal
one Multiuse-Coffee-/Teafilter

Der Waterfilterdid always a perfect Job in former Journeys and will do this this time also. Together with the two Water-Pouches there should be enough Water even for dry regions