on my way eastwards a lot of Visa has to be arranged. Here you can find my experiences with them. Actual Informations about the how, when and why you can find everywhere else in the internet Behind the Country you can find the Date when i applied for (Month/Year)

Iran (3/15)

Country Number One with a Visa was Iran. I had to get a Registration-Number that a Travel Agency in Iran can arrange for you. It´s some kind of a Letter of Invitation. I was honest the first time and told them that i plan to come by Bike, answer: „impossible without a guide!“ Second time i only told the half of my truth and it was no problem at all. I planned to pick up the Visa in Erzurum but had to go home in the Meantime. So i applied for and picked up the visa in Frankfurt/Germany. Price was 40€ for the Registration and 50€ for the Visa/30 Days

Usbekistan (6/15)

Part of my Visa Stop in Tehran was Usbekistan. Big Step cause without you can´t apply for the turkmen Visa. So went to the consulate with all the Papers. The woman there checked them and decided that the Copy of my Letter of Recommendation i had to get from the german Embassy was not enough. Case Tehran is indescribable big i had to come again the next day with the original. Next day i got the information: Come back in 10 Days. After 10 Days they asked me to come back the next day and then the consulate was closed. Next day i got the visa and paid 75$ for the Visa and 25$ for the Letter of Recommendation.

Tadjikistan (6/15)

the most simple Visa in Tehran. Give your papers through a little Window next to the Gate of the Embassy (looks like a Kiosk) and come back 6 Days later. I did that and got the Visa (thanks to my iranian Buddy) even outside of Buisnesshours. Paid 45$ for 45 Days in the Country.

Turkmenistan (6/15)

Applied for it in Tehran (after showed a copy of my Uzbek-Visa) and pick up in Mashad in the Northeast of the Iran. So no waiting Time. But there they only gave me a „your Visa is refused!“ So no Visa at all. What came afterwards you could read in the Story about Iran… Paid nothing

Afghanistan (6/15)

the first Plan B after my turkmen Visa was refused. Very friendly and very fast. Express-Service in Tehran (3 Hours) Paid 60€ for 60 Days

China (9/15)

the great Kingdom wants to know a little bit more about the Visitor. Travel Itinerary and Bookings have to be shown with the Visa-Application. So i took the Service of an Agency in Bishkek that did that job for me. Had to wait for 2 Weeks and paid 150$ for 30 Days

Laos (12/15)

Visa on Arrival at the Border Paid 30$ plus 2$ Tourism Fee for 30 Days.

Thailand (1/16)

I heard a lot but at the End i became 30 Days for free as i crossed the Border on the Landway.

Myanmar (1/16)
Visa in Chiang Mai in the new consulate. Had to wait for 3 Days Paid 800 Baht (20€) for 28 Days. If you want to stay longer: No Problem, you just have to pay 3$ per extra day when you leave the country…

Cambodia (3/16)
Visa on Arrival, the Prices at the Border are quite flexible… minimum 5$ higher than the official rate of 30$. I paid 37$ for 1 Month of Stay.

Vietnam (4/16)
Got my Visa in Pnom Penh in Cambodia, applied via Travelagency, paid 42$ for 30 Days. Waiting Time 4 Days cause of the Khmer New Year

China II (4/16)
Applied for Visa in Sihanoukville at a Travel Agency. No Itinerary, no bookings just a Photo. Paid 90$ for 30 Days (each) double Entry Visa