III - Roadtrip
III-Roadtrip – 001.jpg

the Trainstation at Martinez, mention the two signs next to the name: "your Tax Money at work"

III-Roadtrip – 002.jpg

the Conductor in front of the train

III-Roadtrip – 003.jpg

first snowcovered mountains in the distance

III-Roadtrip – 004.jpg

it snowed a lot on the past weekend

III-Roadtrip – 005.jpg

arrival in Truckee

III-Roadtrip – 006.jpg

in the streets of truckee

III-Roadtrip – 007.jpg

a classical diner...

III-Roadtrip – 008.jpg

...also on the inside

III-Roadtrip – 009.jpg

historical ski resort

III-Roadtrip – 010.jpg

buildings downtown

III-Roadtrip – 011.jpg

at lake tahoe

III-Roadtrip – 012.jpg

cold up there

III-Roadtrip – 013.jpg

Squaw Valley a former olympic Spot

III-Roadtrip – 014.jpg

freezing bears

III-Roadtrip – 015.jpg

a lot of wealthy people have the recreational homes up here

III-Roadtrip – 016.jpg

on the way to Reno

III-Roadtrip – 017.jpg

best times were in the past

III-Roadtrip – 018.jpg

wedding chapel

III-Roadtrip – 019.jpg

homeless people also up here

III-Roadtrip – 020.jpg

at the bus station

III-Roadtrip – 021.jpg

not really welcoming the public spots in town

III-Roadtrip – 022.jpg

street art in big

III-Roadtrip – 023.jpg

and a little smaller

III-Roadtrip – 024.jpg

all arguments on one car window

III-Roadtrip – 025.jpg

Oldtown in the front casino complex in the back...

III-Roadtrip – 026.jpg

in the night the old charme lights up

III-Roadtrip – 027.jpg

the city slogan for decades

III-Roadtrip – 028.jpg

Casinos Downtown

III-Roadtrip – 029.jpg

even the motels look fancy

III-Roadtrip – 030.jpg

even if in some of them the bulbs are broken

III-Roadtrip – 031.jpg

my team for the Nightlife

III-Roadtrip – 032.jpg

a little bar with live music

III-Roadtrip – 033.jpg

another one with Bicycle decoration

III-Roadtrip – 034.jpg

hunting christmas trees

III-Roadtrip – 035.jpg

picknick with trees on the roof

III-Roadtrip – 037.jpg

with Troy on the way to Salt Lake City

III-Roadtrip – 038.jpg

driving down the historical Highway 50

III-Roadtrip – 039.jpg

passing Sanddunes

III-Roadtrip – 040.jpg

crossing Mountain Ridges

III-Roadtrip – 041.jpg

mostly straight on the "loneliest Road of the USA"

III-Roadtrip – 042.jpg

this trailer parks here for a while

III-Roadtrip – 043.jpg

in wendover there are the last casinos before we entered Utah

III-Roadtrip – 044.jpg

Sunrise in Salt Lake City

III-Roadtrip – 045.jpg

a lot of old and beautiful...

III-Roadtrip – 046.jpg

Houses along the City Streets

III-Roadtrip – 047.jpg

Look over Downtown from the Capitol Hill

III-Roadtrip – 048.jpg

The Utah State Capitol

III-Roadtrip – 049.jpg

typical Chessboard pattern roads downtown

III-Roadtrip – 050.jpg

Mormons everywhere

III-Roadtrip – 051.jpg

in the Museum they explain the differences of their faith

III-Roadtrip – 052.jpg

and show a line from the first to their actual prophets

III-Roadtrip – 053.jpg

in the organs hall, massive organ play

III-Roadtrip – 054.jpg

the headquarters of the church with the founder Joseph Smith and his wife in front...

III-Roadtrip – 055.jpg

view over the Temple

III-Roadtrip – 056.jpg

the beautiful City councils building

III-Roadtrip – 057.jpg

Streetart also here

III-Roadtrip – 058.jpg

in the night the lights go on around the temple square

III-Roadtrip – 059.jpg

almost too much bulbs around...

III-Roadtrip – 060.jpg

on the way to the train station i crossed the not that fancy parts of the City

III-Roadtrip – 061.jpg

Mountains south of the City

III-Roadtrip – 062.jpg

crossing a snow toppped pass

III-Roadtrip – 063.jpg

going down into snowfree Area

III-Roadtrip – 064.jpg

totally different landscape, but also cold down there

III-Roadtrip – 066.jpg

towards the La Sal Mountains

III-Roadtrip – 067.jpg

entering Moab, a town in the middle of three National Parks

III-Roadtrip – 068.jpg

that´s what I planned to do

III-Roadtrip – 069.jpg

in Arches National Park

III-Roadtrip – 070.jpg

bizarre Rockformations

III-Roadtrip – 071.jpg

in a really dry Area

III-Roadtrip – 072.jpg

and the Namegiving Arches

III-Roadtrip – 073.jpg

when the Sun came down it was even more beautiful

III-Roadtrip – 074.jpg

Arches everywhere

III-Roadtrip – 075.jpg

wonderful colours...

III-Roadtrip – 076.jpg

...and Formations

III-Roadtrip – 077.jpg

the Afternoon Light on La Sal Moutains

III-Roadtrip – 078.jpg

Delicat Arch, the Symbol of the Park and even Utah

III-Roadtrip – 079.jpg

a Truckstop along the Road

III-Roadtrip – 080.jpg

always changing Landscape

III-Roadtrip – 081.jpg

unbelievable wide country

III-Roadtrip – 082.jpg

colors and formations... incredible

III-Roadtrip – 083.jpg

crossed three passes, behind everyone of them a different world

III-Roadtrip – 084.jpg

sunset before St. George

III-Roadtrip – 085.jpg

Neon Sign in St.George

III-Roadtrip – 086.jpg

next day we went Hiking

III-Roadtrip – 087.jpg

views from the top down on St.George. Everybody got a pool

III-Roadtrip – 088.jpg

even in this dry country

III-Roadtrip – 089.jpg

Zion National Park

III-Roadtrip – 090.jpg

beautiful Rockformations

III-Roadtrip – 091.jpg

a nice ride through the gorge

III-Roadtrip – 092.jpg

and again: colours and formations...

III-Roadtrip – 093.jpg

on the way to Arizona

III-Roadtrip – 095.jpg

Moonrise over Lake Powell

III-Roadtrip – 096.jpg

the Glen Canyon Dam that dams the colorado to be the Lake Powell

III-Roadtrip – 097.jpg

in Antelope Canyon

III-Roadtrip – 098.jpg

the force of the water washed out...

III-Roadtrip – 099.jpg

...these structures out of the sandstone... beautiful

III-Roadtrip – 100.jpg

Horseshoe Bend, a 300m deep gorge of Colorado River

III-Roadtrip – 101.jpg

landscape didn´t went boring

III-Roadtrip – 102.jpg

on the way south

III-Roadtrip – 103.jpg

reached Grand Canyon for Sunset

III-Roadtrip – 104.jpg

Sunrise the next day

III-Roadtrip – 105.jpg

not alone at the gorge

III-Roadtrip – 106.jpg

a really deep hole in the surface, partly 1 mile deep

III-Roadtrip – 107.jpg

in Williams I crossed the Route 66

III-Roadtrip – 108.jpg

old fame around there

III-Roadtrip – 109.jpg

good wishes along the road

III-Roadtrip – 110.jpg

the flag of Arizona looks a little bit communistic in my eyes

III-Roadtrip – 111.jpg

and again lonely and wide land

III-Roadtrip – 112.jpg

entering Las Vegas

III-Roadtrip – 113.jpg

save who you can!

III-Roadtrip – 114.jpg

perfect Illusions... here the `Paris`

III-Roadtrip – 115.jpg


III-Roadtrip – 116.jpg

and New YOrk, New York

III-Roadtrip – 117.jpg

Hotel complexes with Casinos inside

III-Roadtrip – 118.jpg

the Fountains at the Belagio

III-Roadtrip – 119.jpg

and Harrah´s a classic one

III-Roadtrip – 120.jpg

it´s all about gambling

III-Roadtrip – 121.jpg


III-Roadtrip – 122.jpg

the Venice...

III-Roadtrip – 123.jpg

perfect Illusion inside

III-Roadtrip – 124.jpg

next morning, the 350 means pound

III-Roadtrip – 125.jpg

Solar Powerlant in the Desert in California

III-Roadtrip – 126.jpg

Truckstop in the middle of nowhere

III-Roadtrip – 127.jpg

Wasco, a little town with a trainstation

III-Roadtrip – 128.jpg

Amtrak saved my Trip

III-Roadtrip – 129.jpg

the most trustful squirrels until now

III-Roadtrip – 130.jpg

my train back to Martinez

III-Roadtrip – 131.jpg

the homeless here have electric wheelchairs...