Not everything made the whole Trip, here are the Replacements...

After 500KM
Replace the Vaude-Handlebarbag by the Ortlieb-Model
The Bag from Vaude is simply to small for my DSLR. The Camera was really stuffed in the Bag and so the Cushion does not really work. I was afraid the Camera will be damaged. So i went in Nürnberg to Stadler (a gigantic Twowheeler-Mall) and bought the Ortlieb Ultima 6M, the biggest high quality Handlebar-Bag on the Market. You also can only carry 3kg in it, but my goal was to get more Space for the things inside.... I tried it directly in the Shop and i relly could hear my camera breath through ;-) They also send home my Vaude-Bag, good Service...

After 1000 KM
Pannierhook from the right Backpannier shakes to death
The Rivet that fixes the Hook breaks and so the inner Mechanism of the Hook felt out while riding. Not repairable. The Bag was manual adjustable but on shake ground it opens from it´s own and the Pannier felt half off...
Additionally the „Shark“-Hook get lost so the Bag has no fixation at all.

Vaude send me the Spareparts without any Problems. I could Repair the Bag on my own in Poland. Now i have some Spareparts left: 1 complete Hook-Pair and 2 Shark-Hooks...

Card-Etui-Zipper broken
The Card-Etui that I took over from my Vaude-Handlebar-Bag breaks along the Zipper. For a bag for Longtime-Journeys there must be better Materials at work... sounds a little bit like a Joke. Now i ordered the welcro-closed Version of Ortlieb in Germany. As i bought the new Bag i wanted to save the Money for the Etui, now thanks to the freight, I pay the double price....

My Therm-a-Rest Matress starts delaminating.

The Outer Layer and the Foamcore starts to delaminate and a Bubble begins to grow. It gets bigger and it gets more and more impossible to sleep on it. The Damage is covered in the LifetimeWarranty of Therm-a-Rest so they replaced the Mattress in Czech Republic against a new Model. perfect!

After 1500 KM
Sidestand broken
While putting the Bike on the Stand i gave to much pressure so it breaks... my fault

After 2500 KM
2 Spokes of the Backwheel broken (No. 1 & 2)
Somewhere in the Hight Tatra these two decided to fade away...

After 3000 KM
One more Spoke of the Backwheel broken (No. 3)
„kling“ was the Sound... and the third was gone

after 3400 KM
2 more Spokes of the Backwheel broken (No. 4 & 5)
Silently these two went on their way into Nirvana... Have to fill up the Stock of Spokes in the near Future

after 3700 KM
Brakepads changed
the first Pads are gone. This time i put thicker ones on, let´s see how long they last...

after 4200 KM
Visit the Bike-Mechaniker cause of the gears
My Front Derailler dosen´t work proper for a time, so i took a visit and let him fix it...

after 4500 KM
one more Spoke of the Backwheel broken (No. 6)
soon i will call me the King of the Spokes

after 5200 KM
one more Spoke of the Backwheel broken (No. 7)
the only thing that seems to be fragile on the Bike are the Spokes

after 5350 KM
Visit the Bike-Mechanic cause of the gears
my Front-Derailler does´t work proper. Also this visit brings no solution... learn to use my Zange to fine adjust it ;-)

after 6000KM
Exchanged the Front-Panniers
After one of the Front-Panniers Fixation brake and Vaude didn´t really wanted to help me solving the Problem i switched to Ortlieb-Panniers. First impression is positive, but the Bags are a little bit smaller than the Vaude´s...

Installation of a Lowrider-Stand
After the Frontwheel often turn around under the weight of the panniers and the weight came in addition to the back-Stand i decided to avoid the turning by installing a second stand in the Front. Works really proper but i have to think about to tilt up to stands..

after 6200 KM
Back-Stand breaks
despite the second stand the rubber feet of my Backstand breaks. I was able to repair it with local material....

after 6600 KM
one more Spoke broken (No. 8)
this time the Spoke breaks on the top End. Location is the Same, Backwheel opposite to the Sprockets....

after 7000 KM
Freerhub doesn´t work proper anymore.
the Chain is blocking and jumps from Sprocket to Sprocket when i am pedaling in the opposite direction. Have to take care of this in Sofia. Ivan told me that their is no option to fix it. Must be replaced.

after 7300 KM
The Bearings of the Crank are workout
Sounds while pedaling and a wobbling feeling let me think about that the Hollowtech-Bearings are finished... Has also to be fixed in Sofia...

One of the Clips of the Vaude-Panniers broken
on my bumpy ride down from the Hut one of the Clips breaks and went to Nirvana... I have Spareparts with me to repair this...

after 7500 KM
Visit the Workshop with big Maintenance
Replacement of the Crank-Bearings
After Sounds accompanied me for about 250km the bearings were gone hear- and reelable on the last Kilometers. As we disassembled the Bearings only one Ball was left inside...

Replacement of the Backhub
After the Freehub started making Problems i decided to solve this. In Bulgaria you could not get the Freehub as a single Sparepart so the Backhub has to be exchanged totally. I choosed the better Model of the XT-Series.

1 more Spoke of the Backwheel broken (No. 9)
on the usually place, we exchanged it while replacing the Backhub....

after 9300 KM
Outer Tyre Backwheel torn.
Exactly after 9347km he finished his life...
Till this Moment he showed not a single weak moment but the Albanien Mountains (on a really hard and difficult terrain) he teared apart. The Tube take a look outside and (seems that the view was not so nice) exploded.
replacement was onboard and the sculls of repairing a tube are still existing ;-). It´s a pity, i wanted to finish 10.000km without a puncture...

after 9800 KM
Front-Derailleur brake
if you bent it to much it brakes... I tried to adjust the Gears a lot of times and now the Metal Cage brake in two parts. I bought a Sparepart in Romania that i now can use as a replacement.

after 10150 KM
Flat Tire Backwheel
after not already 1000 km Tire No.2 quit his Job the first Time. a thorn went through and so the Tire went flat...

after 10600 KM
2 Spokes of the Backwheel broken (No. 10 & 11)
it seems to be something like a system behind it all... a litte bit more than 3000km after we spoked the wheel new in Sofia the first two spokes brake... on the first time it happened after 2500km.

after 11000 KM
1 Spoke of the Backwheel broken (No. 12)
it goes on... Number 12 brakes and gets replaced...

after 11600 KM
1 Spoke of the Backwheel broken (No. 13)
it gets high frequent... Replaced it in Istanbul

after 11700 KM
Back-Derailler-Wire replaced
changing the Gear gets tougher and tougher, after the Replacement it works perfect again...

after 13012 KM
first Flat Tyre in the Front
one Day it must happen… a Steel-Splinter went through the Rubber…

after 13100 KM
Flat Tyre on the Backwheel
these Steel-Splinters are the Enemies! Another one find his way through the Tyre… It took me 30 Minute stop find and remove him…

after 13450 KM
Flat Tyre on the Frontwheel
a little Puncture. Couldn´t find the Reason. Repaired and works again…

after 13600 KM
changed Brakepads in the back
i heard a metallic brake sound from the Backwheel on a descent from a pass, so at least i had to change the Brakepads. They lasted almost 10.000KM…
1 Spoke of the Backwheel broken (Nr.14)
after my Time Out i came back and had to adjust this broken part…

after 14300 KM
Flat tyre on the Frontwheel

after 14400 KM
Rubber feet Backstand changed
brought it with me from Germany, the old one was broken for a long time

after 14500 KM
changed Brakepads in the Front
almost 1000KM later also the front-ones are gone…

after 14868 KM
Pedal on the right side broke
a short sound, a quick block and then it broke. After that it was just history… I had to cross a Pass on the Rest of the Axis before i could buy a replacement in the next Town. The cost 2,50€ a pair, let´s see how long they last…

after 15455 KM
replaced Pedals
the Bakeshops in Tabriz were well stocked so i got a pair of new Click-Pedals
replaced Seatpole
the Sektpole was rusted into the frame while the parking in Van. So after 2000km in the wrong position it was time to find a solution. we couldn´t get the old one out of the frame so we cut it and put the new one inside the old one. Put the new on a latge and after that it fits perfect. Not perfect, it´s still sliding in after a time, but the position was much more comfortable…

after 15700 KM
Spoke broken on the Backwheel (No.15)
it was Time to replace another one…
Flat Tyre in the Front
Also the Tyre in the Front quit it´s job. Removed a little Stone and put a patch on.

after 15800 KM
Spoke brocken on the Backwheel (No. 16)
this one was on the Sprocket-Side
Flat Tyre in the front
this one kept me working the whole day. Repaired it three times…

after 16600 KM
2 Spokes broken on the Backwheels (No.17&18)
in the short distance of 50km 2 Spokes on the Backwheel collapse, again on the Sprocketside

after 16800 KM
crankbearings replaced
the last 1000km i heard some sounds from the bottom of my bike. I Knewed it from Bulgaria so i decided to replace them in Najafabad. This Time they last 9300km.
Backhub tighten and Backwheel trued
The Backhub was loose and so it got tighten.
After all this broken spokes it was time to true the Backwheel.

after 17200 KM

Flat Tyre in the back
while trying to repair a hole i found out that the glue is dryer out. So i had to replace the Tube and hopefully find a new glue in Tehran.

after 17500 KM

Thermarest Matress starts delaminating again
The Sound of the Matress sounds familiar… There is a bubble growing. This time it grows amazingly fast so it was impossible to inflate the mattress for sleeping. Hard times after that… After i send an Email to Thermarest we arranged a replacement. Katharina will bring a new one to Usbekistan
The Sole of my Keen Commuter Sandals broke
I always had some Problems with these Shoes but now it gets serious. All around the Cleat the Sole is breaking away and it is impossible to ride with clicked in Shoes. Different Attempts to fix it were failing.
I decided to replace the Shoes and get some new ones in Usbekistan

Spoke broken on the Backwheel (No. 19)

this Time on the Sprocketside. The Rest of it jammed the Freihub so i had to stop immediately. Replaced and everything worked fine again.
Stand broken
My Mistake! I Leaned over the Bike to get something out of my Rucksack. The Pressure on the Stand was to high and i broke, Shit!

after 18200 KM

Flat Tyre in the Back
while repairing i pulled a 2cm long Metalwire out of the Tyre. Must be part of a Carwheel… With my new glue it was a quick fix!

after 18500 KM

Spoke broken in the back (No. 20)
Again on the Sprocketside. I wanted to clean the Casett so this was the perfect moment!

after 19300 KM

Spoke brocken in the back (No. 21)
Fagan on the Sprocketside, so its time for the big service

after 19500 KM

Flat Tyre in the Front

Thermarest Matress looses Pressure
a sneaking loss of Air recovers a Hole that i can fix with my repair-kit.

after 20250 KM

my Hexon-Stove go to strike

while i was cleaning the stove the wire is impossible to remove out of the tube. After i forced it out i couldn´t get it in properly. After that the Power of the stove is heavily reduced…

after 20500 KM

the Sole of my new Keen Commuter Sandals breaks
after just 1500km the Sole is broken again near the cleat. Send an Email to Rose, the Shop i bought them. Hopefully we could find a solution for the Problem. From this point on i am cycling into more and more remote areas, so i need proper working Shoes.
Hexon-Stove quit his job
from this point on it´s just a nice candle. Heatpower is near zero. It happened in the middle of Pamir. Have to organize a new one in Osh.

after 20800KM

Double Flat Tyre in the front
while having a beautiful view on the transpamir Mountains i had to repair 2 puncture in a short distance.

after 21050KM

Thermarest Matratze got a dramatic loss of Air
after i got a visit of a Cat i found a deep cut in my Matress. I can repair it with my Patches.

after 21215KM

Seatpole broken
Most of Drive-Parts replaced

as i parked my bike lifting it by the Saddle the Pole broke. Without Saddle it is impossible to cycle so i had to quit my Mountain Adventure in Kirgistan and go to Bishkek by Shard-Taxi to fix this Issue…
In Bishkek i also replaced the following:
1. Sprocket-Kassette in the Back
2. Chain
3. the Backwheel was rebuild
4. a new Seatpole installed
5. all breaking and Shiftingcables and the Housing of the Backshfting
The big Service! At least the drive lasts more than 21000km with changing between the three Chains. A good thing, cause i cycled a lot of bad roads on the way to here…

after 21900KM

3 flat Tires in the front and back
after a night in a thorny Rivervalley i had to pay the price. Three times i had to remove the tire to repair. At the end cause the Romtape had moved and destroyed the valve i also had to replace the inner tube.
8 Spokes damaged or brocken
Cause of a mistake while shifting the chain jumped behind the Casett and destroyed 2 Spokes and damaged 6 heavily. Replaced all of them in Almaty.
The Mechanic in Almaty also bended the Shifting-Eye into the right position and gave me a new big front-sprocket

after 22400KM

3 flat Tyres on the back wheel
it took me three tries to find the reason and could remove the wire that moved all the way through the tyre…

after 23000KM

Spoke brocken on the front wheel
one day it had to come. First spoke on the front wheel after 23000km gratulations!
Zippers of my Tent quit it´s job
He was blocking for some times and i tried to do my best cleaning and soaping it.
but today it stopped working. Could close it after a hard work and have to use my second entrance from now on.

after 23800KM

Flat Tyre on the back wheel and Valve broken
the Rim tape started moving again and pressed the valve to the side so it got ripped on the Rim. I removed the rim tape and put some Tape around the rim… Also had to put in a new inner tube..

after 23860KM

Flat Tyre in the back and again broken valve…
Just 60km later it happened again. But this time i had no replacement so i had to hitchhike to the next city and find one… I grinned the Rim and put a piece of the old tube around the valve to protect it… So let´s go on!

after 24000 KM

Tyre in the back got a cut
Without finding a reason there is a 3cm long cut on the side of the Tyre. I put on a patch from the inside and went on…

after 24350KM

flat Tyre in the front
Just watched the Landscape… then it hits me hard and i had a flat tyre. A Stone big as my fist was lying on the street and killed my fronttube…
After i patched the 4(!!) Holes i could go on. Next morning i replaced the inner tube..

after 24500KM

My Front Tyre tears apart on the well known place and has to be replaced…
One day the story ends… After 24500KM the Tyre was done. It tears apart along the rim fold. A good buddy that came along all the way from home… Thanks for that!
Zipper of the Inner Tent quits it´s job…
After one Entrance now the Innertent… Can not close it anymore. I wrote an Email to globetrotter in Germany and they offer me a replacement. I will send back the Tent from Thailand and get a new one after that…

after 25000 KM

Replaced the Back Tyre
after 1000km the Patch was done and i needed a new tyre. In ChengDu i bought a Chinese one: Brand: Cheng Feng Tyres… let´s see how long it will last.

after 25900 KM

Crank bearing replaced
after 10000km it´s time to get a new one. There was so much play inside that it was uncomfortable while cycling. In a Bakeshop in Kunming i got a replacement just for the price of the material… Thanks!

after 27100 KM

Flat Tyre in the Back
after more than 2000km i got a flat tyre on my Chinese Friend, Bravo!

after 27170 KM

Rear Derailleur broken
on a very bad and muddy dirt road the lower jockey-wheel blocked and pulled the Ar the derailleur into the spokes… After a full wheel turn it was broken…
In a Emergency-Surgery we made a single speed out of it and so we got back on the Road!

after 27250 KM

Back Tyre replaced
my highly lauded Cheng Feng Tyre decided to fade away. The Mesh started to rip and so there was a bubble that ripped along the fixation of the Mudguard.
Luckily i didn´t throw away my old mondial so we could fix that one by sewing and put it on.

after 27350 KM

Flat Tyre in the Back
a old not removed piece of wire… removed it.

after 27600 KM

new rear derailleur mounted
in Udon Thani in Thailand i found a real well stocked shop and so i could put a new XTDerailleur on. The rest of the Drive was also fucked up so i will be replacing some of it in Chiang Mai… Until there i use 4 Gears… better than one ;-)

after 28600 KM

Big Service
in Chiang Mai i got what i needed:
- new Backhub (Shimano XT) that was build in with the old spokes
- new sprocket-cassette (Shimano simpel) the old one was totally worn out after the single speed adventure
- 2 new Tires (Schwalbe Marathon Tour Plus) from Germany
- 2 new Innertubes (Schwalbe AV 13) from the Shop in Chiang Mai
- Rim Tape 2Bliss Ready (from Germany)
This time i wanted to start with new Wheels
- gear shifting Housing and Wire in the front
- Brakehousing in the front
on the first testendes it felt like a new bike… Fantastic!

Some of the Parts came with the Parcel i ordered from Germany… I could also replace the following things:

- My Rainjacket, the old one was´t even more a Windjacket…
- my Bikeshort, you could rip apart the old one with your fingers
- my Bikesandals, they started falling apart after the sole was broken in the pamirs…
- a new Merino-Shirt

it feels like i just started the trip… anyway, i definitely look like ;-)

after 29900 KM

Flat Tyre in the back
the thorny Area around Bagan got me at the end. So i got my first flat tyre after almost 2000 km…+

after 30500 KM

Flat Tyre in the Front
a souvenir from Bagan. Picked up there and wandered through the tyre…

after 31300 KM

new Handlebar and Stem
after a very long time i could accept that my Handlebar is too low and not ergonomic and so it is not healthy for my Nerves. In Bangkok i could find a ergonomic one and a higher Stem. So it definitiv is more comfortable now…
But riding the Bike „Holland-Style“ is quite strange…