first a few People who inspired me:
Heike comes from somewhere around Heidelberg and is traveling almost the same route, one year in front of me... i´m always curious what will be ahead of me ;-)

Martin is cycling the world for almost 20 years... nice blog with good written Stories. In german

the Hansen-Twins on Tour , where? read the Title... the whole thing was as a Documentation in the german Television. for my Taste a little bit to fast on the Road, but a nice Documentation...

Rob Lilwall:
Rob did a few years ago the bike ride of his life (Cycling home from Siberia) From Siberia via Australia to England. It took him 4 Years. Found the National Geography-Documentation on Youtube. Fantastic Story but no longer available on Youtube. You can watch a Trailer on his Website and Order the DVD from him...In the meantime he found a new Adventure (Walking home from Mongolia) and finished it...

to be continued...

these are the Travellers i met on the Road:
it took me a time, but at the end i met someone traveling with a website ;-)...

Valentin und Fiorina crossed my way in Padis in Romania. They enjoyed their Holidays from daily Life in Bukarest. He is working in IT and has a Blog that describes his activities. Take a look HERE (romanian)

Stefan Roman has been my Host in Cluj in Romania fora few days. On his website he talks about his Bike-Travels that took him far around upcoming their will be his touristic Idea at Lake Tarniza also on the site... HERE (german/english/french/spanish)

Dani and Peter met them in Sibiu, On their website they talk about their Biketravels in the Last years. Main-Theme is the Longtime-Trip through Asia. take a look HERE (deutsch)

Nora und Rick crossed my ways in Bosnia. they are riding a tandem to Australia and talk about this on their blog... Take a look HERE (dutch)

Emelie und Jeremie met them in Croatia and we cycled a few days together. They took a year off and now are cycling to Istanbul. From there they fly to Southeast Asia to cycle back home... But read more about this on their blog HERE (french)

Michael Walther met him in Tehran, He is cycling from Switzerland to Southeast-Asia. Met him again in Kunming and cycled quite a long part with him…His Stories you can read HERE (german/english)

Patrick from Switzerland. i met him the first Time in Esfahan and then a few times on the Pamir and also cycled a art with him. You find his Blog right HERE (german)

Emil cycled together with Patrick on the Pamir and so we also shared the road for a time. His Blog can be found HERE (german)

Thommy is traveling by Moetorcyycle around the World, as i met him he was traveling with his sister, no i think he is alone again. You can find his Stories HERE (german)

Shayl I met him on the Pamir, a Mathteacher from England on his way to India and on… his blog you can read HERE (english)

Nick was cycling together with Hubert over the pamir, meanwhile he took a time off the bike in china. his stories are nice to read, good english humor HERE

Emma iis something totally special. She rode her Vespa Gretel from England to Kyrgyzstan and will go on to Mongolia. Something happens always on her way… Read HERE (english)

Hans I met him in Bishkek. He is cycling from Kambodscha to England to collect Money for a Organisation that helps handicapped people in Cambodia. Take a look HERE and donate him some money for this good project! (english)

accompanied Michael and me on our way to the Ricepaddies. he publishes a story every week and has his very own style of writing. Read HERE (german/soon in english)

Hera from Holland, she is traveling the Americas and probably more on her own… We did the Dalton Highway together. You can learn more about her HERE