Km done: 545 km
Daily Average: 78 km
Days in D: 6
Days on the Bike: 6
Nights in the Tent: 5
Nights in Houses: 1
Breakdowns: 0
Daily Average: 9,73€

Here we go!...

was my thought as i opened my Eyes on the morning of Mai 3th. after packing the Bike, taking a look around, the gear was ready, also me. The Farewell in a small round was intensiv and very nice and so I started. The first meters on the road were very wobbly with the fully loaded bike. After the first „Mountain“ was climbed it went almost plain to the River Main and amongst it.

The first day brought me, amongst Aschaffenburg with it´s beautiful Oldtown and Castel Johannisberg done the River to Miltenberg. There i took place on a Campground (thanks Elmar) to get more familiar with the stuff. It worked, a little bit unsteady, but well so I can enjoy the Evening with my Neighbors and a nice Bottle of wine. I fell asleep in my first Night on the road...

The next morning was a little bit painstaking. It takes time to acclimatize with sleeping on the thin matress...

Along the River Main it goes down to Wertheim, another wonderfull little City, and from there following the River Tauber. I had the feeling nobody is cycling without electric Help anymore... dozens of E-Bikes overtook, or better came towards me cause I was cycling the river against the flow direction. The time was to short to almost say Hello, droll story!

The End of the Day was in Röttingen, were i camped along some Motorhomes on the bank of the River...

Next day was really Easygoing so i reached Rothenburg ob der Tauber after Midday. The City is a picture of a german medieval town and they sell it this way. SO the Europeans are outnumbered and the Asians are really like the cliché told... Funny!

After that the road goes up. So steep that i have to push the bike the first time. After that i can do a very relaxed ride over the „Frankenhöhe“ a big high plain. Up there the River Altmühl starts and i follow it to Ansbach, a nice baroque City with a romantic Oldtown.
The End of the Day was in Grosshadersdorf were i reached a Pizzeria. After a nice smalltalk with the Guests they decided to pay the Bill. So Beer (thanks Sam) and Pizza (thanks Heiko) was paid and the night ends up in Patricias and Heikos flat were i can (earlier as i thought) sleep in a real Bed. Thanks for that!

The next Day one of the Highpoints on my way through Germany came: Nürnberg
The „Frankenmetropole“ called City with its „Kaiserburg“ called Castle and the nice and medieval looking Oldtown has impressed everyone who visited it. After a ride through the Oldtown there was a little bit of History Lesson for me. A visit to the „Reichsparteitagsgelände“ were Hitler first tried to build up a few of his megalomaniac dreams. The most of them not finished there are a lot of gigantic Ruins taking place in a really nice Parc. After 75 Years they are still impressing (what surely was the plan of this work...). I tried to imagine the finished Area but quit... To big to imagine... The „deutsches Stadion“ or the Congresshall (that was partially finished)....

The Night i camped on the Banks of the River Pegnitz, which i followed after Nürnberg, short before the City of Lauf.

The next Day brings me to the Hersbrücker Schweiz. A little Sister of the Frankonia Swiss but the Ambiente is also nice and wonderful. In the romantic Times around 1900 every part of Germany which is very nice or outstanding in it´s Landscape became the Attribute „Schweiz“... Behind the City of Pegnitz were several little Rivers unite to form the River Pegnitz i entered the Veldensteiner Forst. A very scenic Forest. A Highlight is the „Grosser Lochstein“ a gigantic Boulder. Like the Name told it´s big and full of Holes...

The Night took place in the Forests just before Creussen. Nice Place.

From Creussen the Road took me through a hilly Area. So i can count two records in just one hour, reached the highest „pass“ at 542m and short after that in Front of Kemnath 653m ;-) After that i followed a beautiful river valley and crossed the last „Mountain“ to Thumsenreuth. There i got the Luxury to sleep on a camping, for the last night in Germany, once more (thanks Juliana)...

This Day was Maintance Day: Cleaning the Bike, the Cooker, try to dry the Tent, washing clothes... All the necessary stuff...

The Morning has some Showers on the way to Tirschenreuth which is the Last City in Front of the Border to Czechia. Quick View on the Oldtown, Quick visit to the hardware store and back on the road again. From Mähring the last Village i wanted to send back some Stuff, but there is no Post-Office. OK, should not be...

The last Ascent to the highest Point of the Journey till here brings me up to 660m and so i reach the Border. From this Point it goes down into the unknown Bohemia... You will read how it went there for me...

Here a little bit of Statistics:

Kilometers done: 545 km

Daily Average: 78 km

highest Altitude: 660 MüM at the Border D/CZ

Night Stays: 6

there from
5 in the Tent (2x Camping, 3x in the Forests)
1 in the Bed

Bikeproblems: 0