Statistics Alaska:

Distance covered: 2775 km
Daily Average: 52 km
Days in the Country: 53
Days on the Bike: 29
Altitude covered: 25650m
Daily Average: 885m
Nights in the Tent: 31
Nights in Houses: 17
Crank bearing replaced, 2 flat tires in the front, 2 flat tires in the back
Crank arm replaced
Daily Costs: 16,30€

on to the Border

After Dalton Highway i needed some rest. But also i had to work on my equipment and replace some things. North of Brooks Range i realized that cold feet are not funny and so i decided that i will buy some waterproof and warm shoes for the coming months. My Sleepingbag is also not as warm as it used to be and so i needed an upgrade. The local Sportshop had a Sale and so i went for it. On my way home a car coming from a minor road overlooked me and so i tumbled off the bike. I was happy, nothing happened to me but my crank arm was strongly bended.
Diagnose: Replacement. Spare part not on stock, has to be ordered, takes 2 weeks. Shit!
A day later i found another bikeshop where a mechanic took the part from his own bike to help me with it. Great! Costs: 0, cause the cardriver has to pay, excellent!

And here we go, the first 150km on the Richardson Highway to the east are surrounded by Military camps, Airbases and training Areas. You could take a look at the newest killing birds on the Airbase and after all of that there is nature again.

Joanna my other Host in Fairbanks told me that the Richardson Highway crossing the Alaska Range is the most beautiful Road in Alaska. Nowhere else you can see so much Glaciers next to the road… She must know it, she is a glaciologist. So I went up, against stormy headwind I climbed up and there was bad weather. The clouds were hanging so deep that I couldn´t see that much of the glaciers as I hoped to. I had an incredible camp spot with the Range in the back… It was so stormy that the nylon was sticking to my face the half of the night… but now i know that my tent is stormproof ;-)

On my way down on the other side it first rained but then went better and i had some excellent views up to the Wrangell-Elias Range. Along that I cycled north to Tok where I filled up my batteries with a shower, a day off and a big shopping for the coming adventure

Destination: Top of the World Highway!

These days I met a lot of helpful and friendly people. They invited me for a coffee (or i accidentally invited myself), gave me sweets, sometimes even money or like Jay and Debbie gave me a free night in their „Magic Bus“ in the Back of their Yard. The Bus is covered with dedications from several people and over several years.

These moments make your day and warm one´s heart and soul…

From Tok I followed the Taylor Highway up to the Top of the World. Like the name says you have to climb to the Top… Hard work on gravel roads on classical alaskan rollercoaster roads. On the Top the Name kept promises and offered impressive views. There is not one Top of the World it is a chain of it and so you have to climb even up here…

At the end I reached Dawson City in Canada after 4 days and was ready for a day off. I got it in the Mining Camp of David, a warm showers host that let me sleep in one of his cabins for 2 nights. What i have seen there i will tell you another time.

New Country, new happiness!

what remains of almost two months in Alaska?

Not to long ago (and half a world away) in this January i met a couple from the States. As i found out while we talked they were from the most northern part of it, from Alaska.

I had just started thinking about the future of my trip and they showed me their hometown homer on the map. She told me with a smile, she works in a coffeeshop on the pier and if I ever arrive there she will offer me a coffee for free.

I really start liking the idea and a joke went serious. Five and a half months later i pushed my bike off the Ferry onto the Homer Spit, as they call this very long shovel of dirt in the Bay. The next morning I started looking for the girl whose name I already forgot and whose face I only remembered vaguely…

The fact that I couldn´t find her was the only real disappointment that Alaska offered me the coming two months…

I had a lot of things in my head when I thought about Alaska, a lot influenced by the book „Into the Wild“ by Jon Krakauer and the movie based on it by Sean Penn

I had a few points i really wanted to see up here:
Stacks Image 22
Nature was bigger than my imagination, gigantic, wild, and wide country. Worth Living in the warm season I was visiting it but always showing a little touch of it hostile Environment that it offers the main time of the year.

After a few days I realized that cycling is the most boring and harmless thing you can do up here. The Adventure begins left and right of the road. But not in Summer, then Alaska is a wetland. It´s the winter that offers unlimited opportunities and it is the time to come back and see the real the „Alaska, Alaska“ (as Chris McCandless called it)!

In this Summer I collected a lot of beautiful impressions, the worst (mosquitos) was not that bad, the Loneliness and Silence was so comprehensive that it gave Happiness and a feeling of anxiety in the same moment to me… strange!
The wildlife showed all it´s variety. the much-invoked bear didn´t showed up, I just seen it out of a save bus in Denali Park, and except of my cooking pot he didn´t took anything from me in the night…

I was able to see wolves and even howl with them, watching caribous and Musk-Oxes, the squirrels were playing around me all the time, seen a Linx (or a bobcat, not sure) and, the most impressive thing, seeing the landscape change towards fall. This blaze of color in this sparse landscape was dramatical and a perfect tradition to canada where I will go on cycling now.

I met a lot of great people and enjoyed it to have some profound exchanges again. The generosity and warmth of the people made me speechless a lot of times. A lot of them ran away from the hectic bustle of the states in the south. The most common story was: came for a time and stayed for a lifetime. Impressed from the country they felt in love and never want to leave again

I think it was the right decision after the hectic in Asia to do this step into this huge contrast of the Far North. Everything is sedated and Heart and Soul can take a deep breath in front of the adventures that might come in the future…

But on thing is sure:
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