At the turn of the Year 13/14 the Idea has grown to a fix plan...

this is the way i implemented it:

End of December 2013:

  • Quit the Job by 30.04.2014
  • giving notice that i move out of my flat

Beginning of January 2014:

  • bought the Bikeframe at Ebay
  • talked about the Bikeparts with Ivan and ordered them
  • First Equipment checklist made (already have/still to organize)

Middle of January 2014:

  • 1. Shoppingtour (Panniers and Wardrobe)
  • Drove to the Embassy in Bern for a new Passport

February 2014:

  • Start Building the Bike
  • advertised my VW-Transporter
  • pinned some Advertisements for the Flat in the Supermarkets
  • IDid some serious Equipment-Investigations in the Internet

Beginning of March 2014:

  • Finished the Bikeconstruction
  • Sold the VW
  • found someone for the flat
  • first rides with the bike for the fine-tuning
  • Shoppingtour Zürich to collect some Ideas

Middle of March 2014:

  • moved the Stuff to Germany
  • bought the last parts of Equipment
Beginning of April 2014:

  • went to the Doctor for Vaccination and a health check

Middle of April 2014:

  • last day of Work (15.4.)
  • finally moved to Germany
  • Checked out in Switzerland
  • Checked in in Germany
  • concluded Travelinsurance
  • Visited Friends and Buddies for a Farewell
3. of Mai 2014

  • The Journey starts at Freigericht/Hessen