Istanbul... the gigantic City full of History situated on the Border of two continents.
Never thought about visiting it on this way, but now i am here...
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the last 6 Months were full of Action and i never had forced myself that much, stepped over my limits and learned so much about myself than in this last 176 Days.

I cycled through (almost) complete Eastern-Europe and visited 15 Countries till now. My Passport starts to get some Colours, till now there are just Stamps (the first Visa i will get for the Iran).

11.327km i have covered, what is equal to 65km per Day, although i didn´t cycle on 46 Days so it will be 85km a Day.
To visualize it: I cycled 12times the distance from Kiel at german Balticsea-Coast to the Mountain of Zugspitze at the Austrian Border.
Almost 98.000 vertical Meters i have covered what is equal to 33times the vertical Difference between Kiel and the Zugspitze (I cycled up to Mount Everest 11times from Sealevel...)

This is just a numbers game. What is uncountable are the impressions and experiences. I had countless encounters, getting to know a lot of people and met also a few friends with which i am still in contact. a lot of people i spend a short time with inspired me in this moment. Thanks for that!

i get to know my eastern European Neighbors in a way you can only do by bike. I found the ultimative kind of Traveling and will keep on going for a while.
And i am sure this will not be my last Biketrip in my life...

The East is thrilling. Rich in Variety in one side but also similar on another side. So i ate similar from Romania to Greece, even if the Food has different names. The hard liquor was always a regional speciality, but the ingredients and the taste was also very similar... except for the name... Raki, Rakia...etc.

Genions that grew in the last Centuries burdens the coexistence of the Countries till today. A lot of the young Generation doesn´t know the reasons of the problems with the others, it is like it is... A pity that in our time informations does´t pour through.

In the Neighbor-Folder you find the Bestof 16 Fotos of the last half year

in the folder Equipment (here) you can find my Resumee of the Equipment i´m traveling with...

Now i will finish to bore you with my look back, it goes on eastwards to Anatolia!

Hope you stay with me :-)

Some Milestones about Europe
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