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MILEAGE: 61800 KM +++ 38 Months ON THE ROAD

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a long dreamed Idea is going to be reality. Travelling around the World without a Timelimit.
I startet from Home in May 2014.

In the moment I´m in:

San Cristobal de las Casas - Chiapas - Mexico
you can take a look where exactly this is here: actual route


30.03.18 added let’s go to Mexico City!
23.01.18 added Baja California
04.01.18 added Southern California
15.12.17 added from the desert to the pacific coast
23.11.17 added Zig-Zag through the Rockies
16.10.17 added the great plains
27.09.17 added Along the Rustbelt
23.08.17 added Three Cities in the East