what to take with you on a longtime Journey?

it´s a narrow ridge between everything you (think) you need and less than necessary things...

I hope that this is a good thing between:

There are different sections i want to cover:

1. Take Pictures

Digital Reflex Camera Canon EOS 600D
2 Objectivs: Canon EFS-15-85mm f/3,5-5.6 IS USM
Sigma 10-20mm f/3,5 EX DC HSM

...my tools for the (hope so) gorgeous Pictures

Canon Powershot S110
...my Tool for the Snapshots and for the Moments the „Big One“ is misplaced...

Manfrotto tripod compact
Togopod Tripod
... the small one was my first solution, but in the meantime i ordered the bigger one. Pictures always from the Frog-Position anoyd me...

2. To Edit the Pics

Macbook Air 11“

At Home and on the last Journeys a Macbook came with me and always works dependable, this time to reduce weight it is a Macbook Air. Tough, steady, compact and 100% Flash, what could go wrong with it?

3. To record the Route

Garmin Edge 305 Bicycle-Computer

An older Model, but just to record the GPS Datas additional to the normal Bike-Functions absolutly perfect. With it you can store the datas on the Computer not only in the Cloud. Cause you don´t have an Internet to use every Evening...

simple Bike-Computer Sigma BC 5/12

as a Recorder for the Totaldistance and in the Case the GPS breaks... Always good to have a Plan B

4. To charge Battery

SON deluxe Hubdynamo
Busch und Müller E-Werk
Busch und Müller Pufferaccu
Pixo C-USB Charger

The Combination of these four should work for the Trip. The Dynamo gives me the Energy, the Pufferaccu stores it and will spend it via USB to the USB-chargeable Devices.

Additionaly the Dynamo delivers enough Energy to Light up the Bike in the Night...

that´s Theory, let´s see how it works on the road... i´m curious!

One thing doesn´t work... The Computer needs more Power than the Dynamo can´t deliver, so i need a Plug from Time to Time...