On my way to this Trip and on the Trip a lot of People helped me, this is my way to say thank you to them all:

She is the Inspiration to this kind of travelling and showed me a lot in our common time that helps me in my everyday life here on this trip.

Rainer und Carmen (my Siblings):
They keep the things together at „Basecamp Home“, i hope i don´t need them so often...

Anna und Jens:
always an open Ear when i needed someone to talk and she was fixing my last logistical problems with a lot of patience…

On the Trip:

People on site that helped me, with bits and bobs or with an accommodation. In the case of many of them i forgot the name (or never come to know it), what makes the Help not smaller in my Eyes. it´s impossible for me to write down all of them so i want to thank them generally.

You all do make my Trip what it is and you make it possible… thousand thanks