Pictures often can´t tell what is happening on the Road. This is the Reason i started my „Bike-Series“ with moving Pictures directly from my Bike

This Video shows me on my Bike in some of the nicest Regions of Romania and Bulgaria...


Music is „Bad Times“ from J Roddy Walston and the Business...

another Video that shows me riding through former Jugoslavia and Albania


Music is „The Road below me“ from D.A.D.

this Video is taking place in Albania and Greece...

Music is „The Road less travelled“ from The Answer

this time i rode through Anatolia

Music is „Soul on Fire“ from Saint Jude

it was also Fun to cycle in Armenia

Music is "more than enough of your Love" from Imperial State Electric

Also in Iran i stayed for a longer while

Music is "foundations" from Kate Nash

3 Months in the Region… a lot of Landscapes


Music is "Runaway" from City and Colour

crossing this Huge and Amazing Country

Music is "Le Miroir aux alouettes" from Lazuli

Crossed the North of Laos

Music is "Take it or leave it" from Jet