At the Beginning there is a Cycle,

cause this will bring me to my Target.
the thoughts circle around the how and the whereby... Quickly it was clear that i only can do all the stuff on the road if i know how to handle and to repair the bike.
This is the reason i decided to plan, organize and construct the bike on my own...

But how will you manage this without any idea of Bikes?

You have to ask someone who knows the details...
i did it and asked Ivan from Ivans Velosport, a local bikeshop, and convinced him to help me with this Idea.

...and so quickly the project grows.

After i found the frame on Ebay the collection of the Components and to order them was the next step. This step was easy, quick and almost without problems. Just the rims needed a long time to arrive.
One day they also arrived and we could start the work.

after three Afternoons of Construction the Friend for the Journey was finished.

The Frame is a Steel-Molybden-One from the no longer existing Brand of Wanderer. The Colour is black. This was the Base for the Collection of parts we used. Mostly black ;-)

The Rims also in black with a Hubdynamo from the German Inventors of this Type SON. The Functions of this i will describe later in the Chapter Technology...

Here for everyone who is interested in the List of the Bikeparts i used:


Crank: Shimano Deore FCM 542 (42-32-22 Teeths)
Pedals: Shimano XT PD-T 780
Derailleur front: Shimano Deore
Derailleur back: Shimano XT
Gearlever: SRAM Gripshift 3/8times
Sprockets back: SRAM Powerglide 850 8-times 11-32
Chain: SRAM PC 870

we chosed the old 8times Gears willfully, cause the System is widely used in Asia.
The Gripshifts gave less Playgrounds to children and are reliable and stabil in their construction.


Brakelevers: Shimano Deore
Brakes: Shimano Alivio

V-Brakes had enforced against Disk-Brakes cause of their low-maintance system.

Handlebar and stem:

Stem: BBB
Handlebar: Raceface Menace
Headset: 1 1/8´´
Handlebargrips: Ergon GP1L
Bar-Ends: from my old Winterbike pepped with some foam hulls

I used to have Problems with the sensivity in my hands after a long ride ro i decided to use Ergon-Grips. The Bar-Ends are recycled. You don´t have to spend money for everything ;-)


Brooks B17 select
Seatpost: BBB 30mm

geh Classic Leathersaddle in my case in a beautiful brown makes contrast to the rest of the Bike kept in black. I also had problems with the sensitivity in the area of the trundle but a few different stories about this saddle can convince me to chose right.


Tubus Ergo Lowrider (front)
Tubus Logo classic (back)

stabil, approved, bought!


back Shimano Deore
front SON deluxe Hubdynamo
Rims: Exal SP 19
Tubes: Schwalbe AV 13
Tyres: Schwalbe Marathon Mondial 559x50mm

Spareparts on the Road:

2 Spare-Chains SRAM PC 870
12 Sparespokes 254mm length incl Nippel
2 Breakingwires
1 long Gear wire
8 Breakingpads
Cableties 280mm Länge (50 Stück)
Hoseclamps different Diameters
Puncture repair Kit (25 Flicken und 2 Tuben Kleber)

The Weight of the bike is about 17kg and you can ride it like that. The relaxing feeling of a tank on the road. Probably i will damn the bike on the way to some passes :-).

With this construction i try to come as far as it takes me. smaller Repairs i try to fix with local stuff, if the Problems are bigger i will take the support from Ivan....